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Concrete Flooring Experts


We provide a comprehensive range of services for both new builds and renovation of existing facilities, applying our superior skills to every project. Our services encompass but are not restricted to:

  • Interior Concrete Floors
  • Commercial and Retail Flooring
  • Flatness and Levelness Requirements

Our skilled team of concrete finishers, laborers, superintendents, and experienced project managers collectively bring more than sixty years of industry experience. This assures your projects benefit from the highest levels of industry knowledge and craftsmanship.

Reliable Pricing

We provide honest, transparent estimates, ensuring no surprise costs for our clients.

Expert Service

Hawkins boasts an unparalleled depth of knowledge in concrete construction.

Safety First

We prioritize the safety of our team and project sites above all.

Customer Approach

We put our clients at the heart of our operations, providing exceptional service.

Trusted Concrete Flooring Experts

Customized Flooring Services to Meet Your Specific Needs

At Hawkins Construction, we understand the critical role of communication in the success of every project. We work hand-in-hand with design professionals to ensure that project plans align with your construction budget. Our experienced field crews assure seamless execution at each stage.

The foundation may be the bedrock of a structure, but the floors make up its character. They are where your workforce operates, your customers walk, and your products are showcased. Whether you need smooth, seamless floors for an industrial setting or decorative concrete for retail, our team offers unparalleled quality and service.

New Construction

Removal & Replacement

Concrete Repairs